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On Impeachment

27 January 2020

I have watched and continue to watch every hour of every part of the impeachment proceedings. Yes... I was able to stay awake the whole time. I wanted to hear, unfiltered and with my own ears, what was being said and what was being done.

The impeachment proceedings have been totally and completely unfounded and unfair. Even the two articles of impeachment are not truly articles of impeachment. The "official" impeachment is not actually a legal impeachment since the House of Representatives never voted in the full house to give authority to the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees. In other words, President Trump has not legally been impeached.

But, here we are... with everyone pretending this is legitimate. I just heard one of the President's lawyers address how and why the Democrats have made such a fuss about Rudy Giuliani. Rudy is a "shiny object," used by the Democrats to try and distract everyone from just how weak their articles of impeachment truly are.

Now, we hear (what a coincidence that it comes out right now) that John Bolton's book contains a statement about how the President conditioned financial assistance to Ukraine on a political goal involving Joe Biden. Keep in mind this is a manuscript that has not gone to press and is not published. How did such a thing happen? John Bolton's new book is being published by Simon & Schuster, which is owned by ViacomCBS. You tell me... how do you think this was leaked? By CBS, in collusion with the Democrats, in order to influence the impeachment trial.

If CBS is not guilty of unethical behavior, it shows, at a minimum, their negligence in how they handle an author's works. Simon & Schuster and CBS can not be trusted, if they are so incompetent. And if they are doing this in order to attack the President, they are traitors to America. Either way, ViacomCBS should face significant legal jeopardy.


Introductory Comment

Welcome to the Articles section of the Amendments Report. In this section, I will offer occasional conservative comments and articles that I believe are relevant to the topics and issues relating to the U.S. Constitution, it's amendments, and any other conservative views. The material on this website are my own and are my views and opinions on a variety of topics.

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A Facebook Discussion Thread Posting

The following article comes from one of several postings I made in response to a discussion thread on the "Texas Carry" Facebook group on 30 January 2020. To see the full thread, from members responding to my postings, click HERE. The following article has been formatted to better fit this webpage.

Texas Carry Member asked me: Should the American colonists have followed British law instead of pursuing the American Revolution? (this is in response to the current move in Virginia to ban handguns in the state)

My Response:

In the case of the American colonists and British law, the colonists did not have representation. The very purpose of a colony is to enrich the country that initiated the colony. If a founding country treated their colony fairly and gave the colonists full citizenship and rights, that would be one thing. However, I don't know of a single European country that ever treated their colonies with that level of fairness and respect. That should explain why those countries no longer have colonies. Well, actually there was one country that did extend citizenship... that would be the Roman Empire.

Turning back to America, the reason we have the 3rd Amendment (one of 10 that form the original Bill of Rights) is because the British would house their soldiers in private homes and those families had no choice in the matter. The 4th Amendment protects from unreasonable searches, since the Colonist had no such right under British rule. In fact, you read each of the Amendments, you will find some reason for the Amendment due to mistreatment of colonists.

Now, fast forward to Virginia in 2020. We, even in Virginia, are under rule of law. In the case of this travesty on the 2nd Amendment, we have a legal remedy. The citizens of Virginia can sue the state government and seek restoration of their rights. That situation is much different than what happened during the 18th Century in the 13 colonies. I realize that many of you can punch holes in what I just typed and you can find many exceptions, but this is my quick response, sitting at my laptop at this moment. These topics are exactly why I have started my Amendments Report YouTube channel. I only have a handful of subscribers and a few videos, but I am tired of remaining silent and wanting to be "politically correct."


Following My Own Video Advice

27 January 2020

On 26 January 2020, on Facebook, I posted a link to my YouTube channel for a video I created on "How to Survive a Pandemic." When I recorded the video two days before, I understood that those infected with the Wuhan Flu could be contagious for several days without showing any symptoms. This morning, on 27 January 2020, I heard the Chinese government report that a person who is infected with the coronavirus can infect others up to 2 weeks before they show any symptoms. This is extremely concerning. Someone can walk around for 2 weeks, infecting others around them, touching lots of door handles and elevator buttons and not know they are sick.

As a result of this information and the advice given in my video, I have ordered N95 paper masks from Amazon - I heard that paper masks are nearly sold out in Seattle's drug stores. I am also going to take my own advice and stock up on non-perishable foods and other items. I'm already limiting my going out in public. If it turns out that nothing is happening - no spread of the infection occurs - then I'll relax my own actions.

I take the position that it is better to be "safe than sorry." Three years ago, when I lived in South Korea, just 30 miles from the North Korean border, I put together a "go-bag" and encouraged all of my teachers to do the same. I also planned how we would use our school bus and other vehicles to evacuate, if the North Koreans suddenly came over the border or began destroying our city with artillery (we were next to Camp Red Cloud). Nothing came of the North Korean threat and I hope and pray nothing comes from this Chinese coronavirus.


American Culture

Future Article

Last night I talked through the Superbowl broadcast with my wife, an Armenian who is pursuing American citizenship. She doesn’t understand the bizarre focus of Americans on this sporting event. She still doesn’t understand it. And then there is the halftime show.... I doubt we will ever watch another Superbowl. I think Americans are far too focused on a sports spectacle and an evil display of sex and indecent behavior, as evidenced by the halftime show, while the country is torn apart by political actions, the practice of child sacrifice through a movement to “protect” the right to choose, and a concerted effort to destroy 244 years of a Constitutional Republic in favor of Socialism/Communism. My father, who fought the Germans in WWII and suffered as a POW, if he were alive today, would be truly heartbroken. My mother, who passed away 2 years ago at the age of 90, was heartbroken by what she witnessed. While America comes apart at the seams, the “band plays on.”


Mayor Pete and White Privilege

During the evening of Monday, 3 February 2020, the citizens of Iowa held the 2020 Iowa Caucus to choose their candidates for President of the United States. Donald J. Trump received 97% of the Republican vote, with two unknown Republican candidates receiving a little more than 1% each.

The Democrats had many choices from which to choose. At the beginning of the caucus evening, the media identified four Democrat candidates as the “front runners.” Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar. Early on, the media was talking about Buttigieg, speculating that he would be in first place among the Democrat candidates. At the time of this article, the results are unclear, since the Democrats had a total collapse of their smartphone app and electronic method of results reporting. Late in the evening, each Democrat candidate gave their “victory” speeches, so they could then quickly leave Iowa behind and travel to New Hampshire.

Buttigieg’s speech, similar to the other speeches, talked about how he was the best candidate to “defeat” President Trump. However, there was something unique with Buttigieg’s speech. Buttigieg has been reported to have a “black problem” (USA Today article: Pete Buttigieg’s real ‘black problem’: He has been convicted of white privilege). So, it was very interesting to see how the Buttigieg audience was organized. In a state that is 90.28% White and 3.51% African American, all of the front row audience, standing right behind Buttigieg as he spoke, was African American. At the beginning of his speech, he had an African American man and woman on the stage for him to shake hands. During the evening media coverage, Buttigieg had an African American man on camera to speak for him.

Being inclusive, rather than exclusive, is a great thing. Celebrating diversity and demonstrating respect for people from many different demographics is also good. But placing people in specific seats in order to “prove” Buttigieg is “good with African Americans,” is fake and insincere. This has been an ongoing issue among the Left. They create a fake narrative and then think everyone will be fooled. Democrats, for decades, have talked about helping African Americans, but it took a New York billionaire (not Bloomberg) to create a working environment with the lowest African American unemployment rate in history! Let’s repeat this. The unemployment rate is the lowest for African Americans in the history of the United States. While Buttigieg is playing the “placement game” to look good, President Trump is actually helping African Americans in the most important area, jobs.

This is the difference between Democrats and President Trump. The difference is “fluff, fake, and lies,” compared to actual positive actions and results. And don’t forget, the Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln.  



Judge Moyé, “Go Back Home to New York City!”

Conservatives and those who love and respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights have voiced many concerns over the many rights being ignored by some government officials. Several national Democrats have already been heard to say they are hopeful that COVID-19 will help them to fundamentally change the entire United States into something they have wanted for many years. Even Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has promised to “change America” if he is elected. As conservatives, we do not want our United States to be “changed” into anything else. Keep America made great by respecting our American rights.

What can be done about Judge Moyé? He can be removed from office, similar to what the Democrats tried to do with President Trump, but fortunately failed to do.

In Texas, a judge can be removed from office in the following four ways:

The state commission on judicial conduct investigates, and if warranted, prosecutes allegations of misconduct by Texas judges. Upon a commission recommendation of removal or retirement, the Texas Supreme Court selects a review tribunal from among court of appeals judges to verify the findings and enter a judgment. Judges may appeal decisions of the review tribunal to the Texas Supreme Court.

Judges may be removed by the Texas Governor on the address of two thirds of the Texas House and Senate.

Judges may be impeached by the Texas House of Representatives and removed by two thirds of the Texas Senate.

The Texas Supreme Court may remove district court judges from office.






Download: Judge Moyé.pdf

The recent actions by Dallas County 14th District Court Judge, Eric Vaughn Moyé, a Democrat, shows that he is not the kind of judge that Texas needs and requires. His travesty of justice against Dallas salon owner and Republican, Shelley Luther, clearly shows a judge who is out of control and out of touch with the needs of Texans.

Judge Moyé comes from New York City and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1979. He was first appointed as judge in 1993, under Democrat Governor Ann Richards.

Judge Moyé is not a conservative. He supports Democrat candidates for office in Texas and the United States. In 2016, he presided over a case, brought forth by the Dallas County Republican Party, believing that 127 Democrat candidates were ineligible to run for office in Dallas because the Dallas County Democratic Party Chairwoman did not sign nor certify the candidates for the election. Dallas County Republicans tried to have Judge Moyé removed from the case, due to a perceived bias on the part of the judge. Judge Moyé was not removed and ultimately the Republicans lost the case. Judge Moyé then required the Republicans to pay $51,600 of the Democrats’ attorney’s fees.




Judge Moyé has a long history of bias towards conservatives. This recent outrageous court ruling against Shelly Luther, a Republican and conservative, is just one more in a series of attacks on Texas conservatives.

Shelly Luther was not politically active; her focus was on providing for her children and caring for her business. The numerous unconstitutional actions throughout the United States, using COVID-19 to justify the reversal of long-standing American rights, came full circle with Shelly Luther. Given the choice of obeying unlawful and unconstitutional government demands, she chose her children over the government.


Judge Moyé is up for re-election in the November 2020 elections. He has already secured the Democratic nomination for his position and is running against Republican, Jessica Voyce Lewis.

Jessica Lewis is a Texan who has practiced law in Dallas, Texas since 2010. Degrees from East Texas Baptist University and Southern Methodist University provides Ms. Lewis with a solid understanding about the needs of Texans. If elected, we will never hear of her treating a fellow Texan the way New York City native, Judge Moyé, has treated Texans for many years.

Do you want to see a change in the courts in Dallas, Texas? If Judge Moyé is not removed from office before November 2020, Dallas residents can remove him through the ballot. Support Jessica Voyce Lewis for Dallas County 14th District Court Judge. Let’s take back our country from the Democrat Socialist who want to destroy everything that makes America great.  

7 May 2020

By Linroy Kilgore